37 Enroll For CD Basic Course

April 1, 1943

Class, To Provide Additional Trained Workers, Gets Underway Here

A new group, to augment the ranks of the local Civilian Defense organization and to help to carry on the work in the Freedom-Berrett CD district, took the first step toward qualifying for official armbands on Monday night, as a basic training course got underway in the Sykesville Control Center. A class of 37 men, women and children enrolled for the course.

The 22-hour CD course comprises 12 hours in war gases and bombs and ten hours in first aid. Two-hour classes will be held each Monday night, beginning at 8 o’clock, until the course is completed. Serving as instructor for the six gas and bomb classes in Frederick Church, local Defense Director, while the first aid portion of the course will be handled by Mrs. Frank Barnes, Sykesville registered nurse.

The class, which includes a goodly number of teachers and student members of the Victory Corps at Sykesville High School, contains more than a dozen members of the Woodbine Boy Scout Troop. These boys have been rendering good service during air-raid alarms by assisting in patrol work in the Woodbine area.

Those enrolled for the course include: Mrs. A.C. Brown, Rev. F. Reid Isaac, Mrs. Mary Porter, Mrs. Davis Fritz, Mrs. Nettie Mullinix, Miss Gossie Sandosky, Mrs. Eleanor Dudley Hipsley, Evan Hipsley, Samuel A. Moore; Sykesville High School — Miss Elizabeth Harrison, Miss Grace Riley, Miss Eleanor Kephart, Kature Hipsley, Evelyn Barnes, Dolly Brandenburg, Eleanor Warfield, Lois Marriner, Annabel Gardner, Mae Kennedy, Lawrence Loper, Stuart Jenkins; Woodbine Scout Troop — Earl Palmer, scoutmaster; Rev. Andrew F. Theisz, assistant scoutmaster; Howard Bidinger, chairman of troop committee; Kenneth Germroth, Howard Hall, Tom Fisher, John Cromwell, John Magee, Robert Harrison, Marvin Gartrell, Emory Lewis, Norman Stewart, John Meininger, Earl Bidinger, Bobby Mullinix, Tom Haines.

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