A Generous Response

December 27, 1917

Needs of Poor Colored Family Quickly Provided For

The poor colored family with three children mentioned to the Herald last week as being without food or fuel, are no longer in want, thanks to the generous response of Herald readers to the appeal for aid.

Money enough was subscribed to provide coal and contributions of provisions, clothing, etc. were sent in. The children are warmly clad, there is food in the cupboard and coal in the bin.

The response came quickly so that the Christmas of the poor little family was a glad one after all. The Herald desires to return thanks to the generous ones who responded to its appeal. All that is ever necessary in Sykesville is to call attention to the needs of anyone in distress to bring the needed relief.

Of course the winter is still with us. Those who feel like helping to guard against the contingency, maybe send their contributions to the Herald or to Swain’s drug store.

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