Welcome to the Sykesville History Site, brought to you by Sykesville Online and the Gate House Museum in Sykesville.

The purpose of the site is to slowly capture the history of Sykesville, Maryland, mainly by putting stories from the Sykesville Herald and the Democratic Advocate of Westminster online, and also by adding stories published in Sykesville Online and elsewhere.

Unless noted otherwise in the beginning of the article, all articles are captured from the Sykesville Herald. There are also excerpts from articles in The Carroll County Times and the Baltimore Sun with links to the original articles, when available.

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Linda Greenberg January 10, 2013 at 2:20 am

Hi Jack,
Finally published an updated Sykesville Past & Present. It had been out of print for some time. Added information, corrected out-of-date information, a few new photographs, etc. Hope you can review the book or recommend it to area residents. The book is really a complete history of the town, including major people, events, happenings, from Sykesville’s founding to the present. The book is available at A Likely Story, Alexandra’s Attic, Southern States, the Visitor’s Center, and The Sykesville Gate House Museum. I’ll send a copy to you. Please send me your address.


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