And Now Comes Lent

February 19, 1942

by Rev. Karl B. Justus

For the first time in over two decades we enter a Lenten season in the midst of a World War in which we find ourselves desperately engaged. Perhaps this does not mean anything to a lot of people, but it OUGHT to mean something to all of us.

One of the most important things in time of war is that intangible something we call “morale.” It is an asset which can bring about victory, or, its lack can spell defeat.

One of the greatest factors contributing to morale should be the Church. The Church is able to give spiritual vitality. While spiritual vitality is something that we need three hundred and sixty-five days in the year, there are certain seasons in the church calendar which seem to automatically contribute to this, and chief among them is the sacred Lenten season.

I am writing now as a minister of the Church, and as Civilian Defense Director…(unintelligible section missing temporarily)…

While St. Paul will be conducting its annual Lenten Crusade, I am not asking that those outside of the membership be loyal to our denomination. If you have no church home, or our church is the one of your choice, you will be warmly welcomed.

However, I am saying to all Church members of the various denominations and to all others who should be in Church, make it your regular practice to attend Church. It will bring something to your life that is necessary, and if you will attend regularly during Lent, you will find yourself continuing after Lent.

We need God desperately in this age and the times immediately before us will prove it to us if we do not see it now. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 18th, and I hope this call will be heeded. You owe this to the Kingdom of God, your nation and yourself.

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