Beautiful Phenomena

September 29 1877

Democratic Advocate

The gorgeous sunsets and the glories of the dawn, since Friday evening of last week, have been greatly admired by all who have witnessed them. On Sunday evening and on Monday morning particularly the scene was enchanting. The heavens were all aglow with a widely-diffused and indescribable commingling of golden, crimson, orange and purple light, which shed its radiance over the whole face of nature, bathing earth and sky in a flood of light, and presenting a scene of the rarest loveliness. The beautiful exhibition was repeated, morning
and evening, for several days in succession, with a slight modification of the intense brilliancy of Sunday night and Monday morning.

There were also visible dusky penciling or shadowings, half translucent, half opaque, shilling and fading like dissolving views of the stereopticon, presenting the idea of the aurora borealis, though far more brilliant. No doubt the phenomenon was due to some peculiar electrical condition of the atmosphere similar lo that witnessed during the prevalence of the aurora. A vivid imagination might have supposed the view to be the reflection of the celestial city, whose walls of jasper, gates of pearl, and streets of gold, were shedding their dazzling sheen upon this terrestrial sphere.

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