Big Sale of Stocks of Sykesville

September 22, 1927

One of the largest and most representative crowds which has assembled in the business section of Sykesville for some time, was present on Saturday last when stocks owned by Wade H. D. Warfield in the Sykesville National Bank, the Herald Company, the Sykesville Realty and Investment Company, and the Maryland Milling & Supply Company were put up for sale. The Eastern Shore Trust Company, the Southern Maryland National Bank, as well as Baltimore and Frederick City financial institutions were represented.

Mr. Charles H. Knapp, of Baltimore, who is connected with the Century Trust Company, the U. S. Fidelity and Guarantee Company, the Title Guarantee & Trust Company, the General Council of the Arundel Corporation, and other interests of Baltimore City, purchased the majority of the Bank stock.

Sykesville is indeed fortunate in having Mr. Knapp connected with its local bank, as he is a man who may be depended upon to take great interest in developing and expanding the interests of the bank, as well as those of the surrounding community.

The controlling interest in the Herald-Messenger was purchased by Mr. Frank B. Beasman, which assures its success. Mr. Beasman is a well known young man of this community, with large financial interests in Baltimore and Sykesville.

Under the able management of Mr. William S. Church, who has been at its head for the past four years, the Herald-Messenger will be continued along the same excellent lines as in the past.

These stock brought excellent prices, all selling above par, which goes to show that the business interests of Sykesville are considered to be in a safe and sound financial condition.

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