Board of Education – Special Meeting Held Thursday, June 26th

July 10, 1930

Building Contract Let

Work To Start Immediately on the New High School Building for Sykesville and to be Completed by March 1; Well Already Drilled

A special meeting of the Board of Education was called to order in the office of the Board, Thursday, June 26, 1930, at 7:30 p.m.

Commissioner Slingluff was absent. The bills presented to the Board were approved and ordered to be paid.

The Superintendent reported having received the budget back from the County Commissioners, and called attention to several very important allowances. The first disallowance noted was the total amount of the bid of E. E. Stuller for the Sykesville building, which was $46,670, reduced by the County Commissioners to $45,000, making therefore, a shortage of $1670.

The second item was the disallowance for the insurance necessary, amounting to $2400 approximately to cover the insurance of children on busses. As this item is part of the contracts of the bus contractors, the Board will have to be reimbursed, for it is mandatory.

In spite of the disallowance in the budget, the Board gave out the contract for the construction of the Sykesville building for the amount of the bid, which was $46,670 to E. E. Stuller of Taneytown, MD., with the understanding that the work is to start at once, and that the building is to be ready for occupancy not later than March 1, 1931.

(There is more but it’s not relevant to Sykesville.)

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