Bootleg Liquor Dangerous

September 11, 1914

Unspeakable conditions surround the manufacture of bootleg whiskey, according to daily reports being received in Commissioner Havnes concerning the unsanitary locations of stalls, and the vermin, maggots and dead animals of all kinds which have been discovered in vats of mash. In many instances concentrated lye is used to hasten fermentation, as many as 200 empty lye cans being found in one place, which gives one an idea of the amount of this stuff used and the extremely poisonous mixture which results. Perhaps the next revolting method employed by violators which has yet come to the notice of enforcement authorities is that by which cadaver vats containing bodies used by university students for dissection work are being drained of alcohol for bootleg purposes. Although the stuff is redistilled before being distributed, woud alcohol poisoning remains, according to analysis of some of the seized products.

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