CARE Emphasis Shifts To The Area Of Asia

March 31, 1960

After twice being postponed, the CARE meeting planned by Mrs. George Van B. Shriver, chairman, International Affairs Department, Woman’s Club of Jessup, was held on March 16. Representatives from nine neighborhood organizations were present to enjoy the program and luncheon with the club members.

Mrs. Kenneth H. Fields and Mrs. Shriver were the luncheon hostesses. The motif for the table decorations was Latin American. Leaves, very flat and green, were placed on the white table cloths; lovely dressed dolls stood here and there on the tables, each representing some South American country. Latin American puzzlements were used also, and the place ends flaunted tiny Mexican flags. On a separate table, many articles made on CARE gift sewing machines were displayed. They were from Mexico.

One of the speakers, Mrs. Robert Nyburg, director of CARE in Delaware and Maryland, remarked that the need for CARE in Europe has diminished; that the desperate need for it is in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong where there are so many refugees from Communist China who now live in squalor. Full scale CARE operations go on in twenty-seven countries.

Every day, 11,000 people all over the world receive food through CARE. Much of the food is given by the U.S. government from the surplus stocks in warehouses. The other articles that help people to help themselves come from money contributions by people interested in this humane work. CARE not only feeds the bodies but also the minds and spirits by furnishing school kits and playgrounds for the children and hope for the older people.

Mrs. Harry T. Cottman, chairman of CARE SELF-HELP in MEXICO, Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs, gave a resume of Mrs. Edward D. Storm’s trip to Mexico. While there are visitors to many villages where self-help kits had been given, and where she presented a village kit or not. It would seem that the CARE visitors lose their identities and become the symbols for the United States — Mexico’s good neighbors.

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