Carroll County Girl Vanishes

February 15, 1917

Dr. Pray, of Chicago, Seeks Bride of Ten Days, Whom He Fears Has Met With Foul Play

Fearing that his wife of 10 days, a former Marylander, has met with foul play or might be a victim of white slavers, Dr. A. Parker Pray, of Chicago, Ill., has written Marshal Robert D. Carter, of Baltimore, asking that he make every effort to locate her.

Mrs. Pray, who, before her marriage, was Miss Pearl May Pickett, of New Windsor, this County, was married to Dr. Pray of February 16 of last year, and just ten days later disappeared and has not since been heard from either by her husband or her friends or relatives, and it is the belief of the physician that she may be a victim of foul play or have fallen into the hands of white slavers.

The letter to Marshal Carter is only a part of a nation-wide search which the husband is making in an effort to locate his wife. There was no reason, according to the husband, for Mrs. Pray to leave home, and it is this which seems so strange to the doctor.

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