Carroll County History: State Delegation Meets With County Commissioners

January 21, 1960

The Carroll County Delegation to Legislature met with the County Commissioners on Tuesday, Jan 12, for purposes of discussion of several local considerations prior to the opening of the General Assembly on February 3rd. The matter of the proposed change in the State’s Twelve-Year Road Construction program was given serious attention at the meeting, with a careful look being given to Carroll County highways still unimproved on the State program.

Although no definite recommendation or action was taken, the Legislators and County Commissioners planned to explore the prospects of keeping many of the projects on a high priority at a regional meeting with State Roads officials at Frederick on January 19th.

The local matters pertaining to highways also were discussed without positive action being taken. These were a State proposal to extend Muller Road and Oak Tree Road in the vicinity of New Route 07 south of Fenby, and the consideration of a proposal for changing route designations in the Taneytown area as requested by the Taneytown Chamber of Commerce.

Attending the meeting were Senator E. O. Weant, Jr.; Delegates Preston I. Hale, Thomas I. O’Farrell and Joseph H. Hahn, Jr., County Commissioners Edmund L. Carr, Charles W. Saylor and Francis J. Crawford; and George A. Grier, Technical Assistant to the County Commissioner.

Westminster – Taneytown Road

The County this week officially requested the State Roads Commission to continue its engineering studies on the road from Westminster to Taneytown. However, at the same time it was asked that the road be considered as one leg of the ultimate East-West Expressway which would connect Hagerstown and the Susquehanna River. In taking such action, the County Commissioners did so after receiving the recommendations of the Planning and Zoning Commission who had been studying the feasibility of such a move for the past month.

The County Commissioners listed three important advantages in Carroll County and the State in requesting the East-West Expressway in this location. First, a definite savings in many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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