Carroll County Tax Rate Fixed At $1.95 Up 15c From Last Year

January 7, 1960

The Carroll County tax rate for 1960 has been fixed at $1.95 per $100, it was announced this week by the Board of County Commissioners — Edmund L. Carr, president; Charles W. Saylor and Francis J. Crawford.

The new rate represents an increase of 15 cents over the 1950 rate of $1.80.

Estimated Income

On a total tax base of $135 – 450,000, the new rate is calculated to yield $2,541,275 of a total estimated budget income of $3,113,075. Most of this will come from real property, $1,486,325. Personal property will account for $163,750; ordinary business corporations, $351,000; railroads and public utilities, $234,000; and distilled spirits, $3,911.

A $1.00 tax on financial institutions will yield $55,000, less incorporated towns’ share of $16,500. Prompt taxpayers will save $40,00 in discounts while interest on overdue taxes is estimated at $7,500.

Other taxes, totaling $279,700 include: Administration, $500; income, $150,000; franchise, $1,200; recordation, $15,000; alcoholic beverages, $8,000; assessments, $4,800; traders, $15,000; motor, $30,000; dogs, $9,000.

Fines, forfeitures and costs, total $166,000, include: Trial magistrates, $15,000; circuit court, $100; sheriff’s fees, $1,200.

Revenues from other agencies total $8,800 and include: County home, $3,500,; rent from Allender property, $1,300; recreation, public facilities, $400; miscellaneous, $100.

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