Carroll Teachers Go On Strike In Salary Hassle

May 2, 1968

Carroll County this week faced the unhappy experience of a strike by public school teachers, the first in the county’s history.

Students were dismissed Wednesday when some 70 per cent of the county teachers failed to report for classes.

At issue was a difference of $150 in a proposed beginning salary for teachers.

The Carroll County Teachers’ Association seeks a beginning salary of $6,150, which represents an increase of $450 over the present scale.

The Board of County Commissioners, seeking to hold the tax rate to a reasonable level in the face of steadily increasing services and costs, offered the teachers a beginning salary of $6,000 representing an increase of $300.

The commissioners pointed out that they must provide funds for a substantial school construction program and reminded that the teachers were granted a $500 increase one year ago.

More than three quarters of the county budget goes to the public school system.

The Board of Education has backed the teachers’ request, stating that salaries must be competitive with surrounding areas, if the county is to be able to recruit teachers for the coming year.

First reaction from local residents was one of angry protest of the teachers resorting to the strike tactic. Comments ranged from “I think it’s awful” to “Where will it all end?”

The strike is the second of a public service group to affect Carroll County residents. Despite a strike of certain employee units, going into its second week, telephone service continues at a near normal pace. It may be curtailed, if the strike continues or becomes more widespread.

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