Carroll To Have Four Summer School Programs

June 6, 1968

The Board of Education has announced plans to conduct extensive educational programs to serve the young people of Carroll County during the coming summer. Four different programs, each beginning July 1 and ending August 12, will be in operation.

Head Start classes designed to serve children entering the first grade next September will be held at the Hampstead, Lanchester, Mechanicsville, Sandymount, Winfield and East End Elementary Schools. Funds totalling in excess of $24,000 have been secured from the office of Economic Opportunity to conduct Head Start classes for an anticipated 135 children.

A second preschool program, founded under Title 1 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, will be held at the Taneytown, Sykesville, Elmer Wolfe, Mt. Airy, Charles Carroll, Freedom and New Windsor Elementary Schools. This program, like Head Start, will provide a summer kindergarten experience for youngsters who might benefit from such a program. This project is funded at $16,600 and will serve approximately 135 children.

For the eight consecutive year the Board of Education will offer, on a tuition basis, remedial and enrichment courses for children at the elementary and secondary levels. Elementary reading and arithmetic classes are scheduled for the Elmer Wolfe, Manchester, Mt. Airy, Sykesville, Taneytown and Westminster Elementary Schools. Secondary level courses including English, mathematics, history, French, Spanish, biology, typing, notehand and art will be offered at Westminster High School. Data processing and art will also be offered at South Carroll High School. An interesting addition to the summer school program is the provision of music instruction. Vocal and instrumental music offerings will encompass a variety of courses and activities including small group instruction, music theory, ensemble performance, keyboard instruction, conducting and several others.

Detailed information on all summer school offerings is available in each county school Students are requested to contact their principal or counselor for information on course descriptions, tuition fees and registration procedures.

A fourth program sponsored by the Board of Education is designed to serve the children of migrant workers who locate within Carroll county during the summer. A grant of 83,076 has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education for the implementation of this program. These funds were available to the Board of Education only for the purpose of providing an educational program for migrant children. An anticipated 23 children ages 5-12 will participate in this project.

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