Cashier Chipley Retires from the Sykesville Bank

August 1, 1918

Acquires Interest of James B. George in Firm of George & DeVries–Successor Not Named

William M. Chipley, Cashier of the Sykesville National Bank since its organization, has tendered his resignation to the Baord of Directors and it has been accepted. Mr. Chipley has acquired the interest of Mr. James B. George in the firm of George & DeVries, and leaves the Bank to give his attention to the business.

The announcement of his resignation came as a great surprise to the community, the people having come to regard him as a permanent fixture in their favorite bank. His resignation was accepted with the keenest regret by the bank officials. As we go to press his successor has not been named, though the Bank has several persona under consideration. Mr. Chipley will not sever his connection with the Bank entirely, but will continue to serve as a member of the Finance Committee, a fact that will be alike pleasing to the bank officials and the public.

Cashier Chipley will be greatly missed from his accustomed place. He has grown into the affections of the public here to a remarkable degree and has always been held in the highest regard by all who have had dealing with the bank. His affable manner, cheery greeting and marked courtesy to all, made fast friends of all with whom he came in contact. By long training and experience he was especially well fitted for the exacting position of Cashier and he filled it with unusual ability.

The severance of his intimate connection with the bank will be deeply regretted, but all will unite in the hope that he may have a successful and pleasant career in the outside business world. He had long contemplated entering business for himself and the opportunity that opened could not be passed by. He and Mr. DeVries have long been intimate friends and companions and the new arrangement is congenial for both from every standpoint.

Mr. George, the retiring member of the firm felt that his other interests and his public duties made such a demand upon his time that he could not maintain his business connections here to advantage. It is pleasing to know, however, that he will continue to make Sykesville his home.

Mr. Chipley first came to Sykesville as the confidential man of Wade H. D. Warfield. When the bank was organized he was very naturally chosen for the position of Cashier. His manly letter of resignation, full of fine feeling, and the reply of the bank officials, will be printed next week.

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