Cast Is Announced For Bonn-ette Show March 7-8-9

February 22, 1968

Names of the people who will participate in the Bonn-ette Club “Potpourri Minstrel Show” on the nights of March 7, 8, and 9 have been announced by the chairman.

The following will be on stage for the opening night: Betty Brannon, Sabra and Debbie Hobson, Brenda Green, Jeannie Mullinix, Kataria Sandosky, Jean Molter, Annabel Lynch, Betty Jane Mullinix, Lucille Jones, Nancy Beatty, Susan Beatty, Marie Rhoades, Elizabeth Lewis, Mildred Glass, Gail Stansfield, Doris Gosnell, Kathy Bohn, Bonnie Dixon, Doris Morrill, Jodie Leppo, Novella Knight, Kay Steel, Martha Benton, Alice Zepp, Barbara Summers, Bobbie Justice, Lena Hartman, Bernard Maus, Leroy Sherholtz, Harold Mercer, John Brannon, Woodrow Golliday, Bobby Hughes, Russell Hughes, Richard Howes, Genie Gosnell, John Morrill, Ed Molter, John Lynch, Larry Duncan, Bob Newcomer, Emory Lewis, Jack Newcomer, Vince Mulinix, Don Newcomer, Charles Bohn, Bill Conaway, David Leppo, Richard Schatz, Kenny Stockdale, Harry Haight, Tom Knight and Edward Arrington.

The committee emphasizes not only the financial good that a successful show would do for the Sykesville Middle School but also the social benefits derived from people working together for a worthwhile cause.

The All Star chorus will do such numbers as “Baby Face”, “Bye, Bye, Blackbird”. “Shanty in Old Shanty Town” and many others.

The committee and cast join in the hope that everyone will make a special effort to attend. Your support will help the Sykesville Middle School obtain some of the things it desperately needs.

Next week some of the special acts will be named.

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