Census Takers To Begin 1960 Count Friday, April 1

March 31, 1960

The 1960 Census of Population and Housing, the nation’s 18th decennial nose count, gets underway on Friday morning, April1, with 160,000 census takers starting their rounds which will take them to every dwelling unit in the United States. In covering the 3 1/2 million square miles of land area of the 50 states, the census takers will travel an estimated combined distance of more than 4,000 times around the world, or approximately 28 million miles.

District supervisor William Hart, Jr., pointed out that residents of this area can speed up the big count by having their Advance Report Forms filled out and ready for the census takers. This action will save time for both the householder and the census taker, the census official said.

The Advance Report Form was distributed to local households prior to the start of the house-to-house canvass. It contains the seven population and six housing questions which are asked of all persons. The Advance Report Form gives the family a chance to assemble information about each member in advance of the census taker’s visit. Its use is expected to speed up the field canvass and provide more accurate statistics.

At every fourth household, the census taker will leave a Census Household Questionnaire, which contains additional questions covering population and housing characteristics which are being asked of a 25 percent sample of the population. Householders are requested to fill out the household questionnaire and mail it within three days to the local census district office. A pre-addressed postage free envelope is being provided for this purpose.

The district supervisor emphasized that all information about individuals and their homes furnished to the Census Bureau is held in absolute confidence under Federal law. It is used only to provide summary figures such as totals, averages, and percentages. The information about individuals cannot be examined by any one other than Census employees who are sworn to secrecy, and thus cannot be used for investigation, taxation, or regulation.

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