Chaplain Justus Coming Home For Three-Day Leave

February 4, 1943

By Chaplain K.B. Justus, USNR

Dear Herald Readers:

I am writing on Saturday afternoon, and this will be my last letter to The Herald before I expect to come home. The worst of our classes are over, and next week will be largely given over to winding up official matters. It hardly seems possible that nearly two months have slipped by since I left you, but here we are with one month already gone in a new year.

This morning was a tense and exciting morning as the nominations from the Bureau of Naval Personnel were read to us, telling us what our first tour of duty is to be. The Official Orders then follow in a couple of days with instructions how to carry out our assignment. Here it is! If my nomination is not changed, I am assigned to a new transport. I do not know yet whether it will be the Atlantic or Pacific Fleet, but whatever details I am allowed to tell you, within the bounds of national security, I will tell you when I get to Sykesville. I am both thrilled and challenged with the prospective duty ahead.

Mrs. Justus and Fritzie expect to arrive in Sykesville next Friday and come on to the base on Saturday for my graduation on Sunday. We will return to Sykesville sometime Monday night. Unless my leave is cancelled, I expect to get leave, and it appears as though I will be able to be with you over Sunday. However, I will definitely announce that when I speak to you at St. Paul’s on Tuesday night the 9th. If I get to stay over Sunday I will have to leave on Monday, at least that is the probability. Since I have many things to tell you, I hope there will be a good crowd at the Church on Tuesday night. I shall also be speaking at the WCTU dinner and The Rotary Club on that same day. We have many dinner engagements lined up already, and our temporary residence will be with Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Buckingham.

I have learned none of the details as yet, but I am grieved to hear of the death of my good friend William Forthman. My prayers and deepest sympathies are with the entire family.

And now until the Justus family sees you; I say cheerio, and God bless you all.

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