Chicken Thieves Are Again Busy

October 17, 1929

Three Colored Men Entered Poultry House Of Thos. Hipsley Near West Friendship

Three men, all colored, entered the chicken house of Thomas Hipsley, this side of West Friendship, on Sunday night and crated 31 chickens, besides killing 12, which one of the men was carrying.

The noise awakened the household, and Harry Dwyer, who makes his home there with his wife, got his repeating shotgun and opened fire. One of the men was heard to say “ouch,” and all three made their escape, dropping the crate and dead chickens.

Monday night, Sheriff Hardy, of Howard county, arrested two colored men, named Will White and Louis Bolton, and took them to the Ellicott City jail, where they are confined for a hearing. A man, in passing the road, said he identified one of the accused as he was taking an empty chicken coop fence to his car.

This kind of business is getting to be too numerous, and a good dose of shot will tend to put a stop to it. Several henhouses in Carroll Cou

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