Christmas at Springfield Hosp.

December 27, 1945

500 Patients At Colony Enjoy Part on Eve of Holiday

Culminating many weeks of planning during which patients residing at the “Colony” of Springfield State Hospital had practiced singing of Christmas carols, decorated pine trees placed on each ward and assisted with the filling of 500 colorful bags, with all that makes up a Christmas stocking, the annual celebration at the Colony got off to an enthusiastic start at 6 o’clock Monday night.

Accompanied by nurses and attendants, a large number of patients visited the various groups and wards, singing carols, and bringing cheer to many bed-ridden and handicapped patients, many of whom joined in the singing with a fervor that belied their infirmities.

Promptly at 7:30, all who were physically able, assembled in the recreation hall, before a large beautifully decorated tree and, accompanied by a pianist, sang old hymns and carols, while the nurses served hot cocoa and doughnuts to all.

Later Santa Claus, with pack on his back and sleigh bells ringing, appeared in the hall, and received a loud ovation from those assembled. Santa, with some assistance, gave each person a large bag, containing candy, nuts, cookies, oranges and apples, and also an appropriate gift. For those unable to be present, Santa Claus visited on each ward, distributing similar bags and gifts to everyone.

Although an annual event, the celebration this year surpassed that of previous years, chiefly due to the generosity and more abundant contributions of the many friends of the Institution throughout the State and the many employees who assisted and worked to bring to these unfortunate people a real Merry Christmas.

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