Citizens Nominate Candidates For Mayor And Coucil

April 17, 1969

Three candidates for Mayor and six candidates for three seats on the Town Council were nominated Monday evening at a meeting of Sykesville citizens.

Mayor H. C. Jefferson, who has served in that office for the past two years, was nominated to continue as head of the local government.

Also nominated for the office of Mayor were Mrs. Thelma Wimmer council member and local beautification chairman, and Russell P. Hughes local business and former member of the council.

Two incumbent Councilmen, John Shipley and Henry Forsyth, were renominated. Additional nominees for council were Leroy S. Keeney, a former mayor and council member, Elton W. Herbert, a former president of the council, John Welsh, Jr. and G. Norman Crump.

The town meeting was called to order by Mayor Jefferson, who called upon Mr. Crump to serve as chairman of the nominating session.

Mrs. Edna Lyons, town clerk, recorded the nominations as follows:

For Mayor

Horace C. Jefferson, nominated by Wilbur S. Wimmer, seconded by George W. Banks.

Mrs. Thelma Wimmer, nominated by Leroy S. Keeney, seconded by Henry Forsyth.

Russell P. Hughes, nominated by former mayor Bernard C. McDougall seconded by Francis Manner.

For Council

John Shipley, nominated by Bernard McDougall, seconded by George Henze.

Henry Forsythe, nominated by George Banks, seconded by John Shipley.

Leroy Keeney, nominated by Willbur Wimmer, seconded by Henry Forsyth.

Elton Herbert, nominated by Bernard McDougall seconded by Russell Hughes.

John Welsh Jr. nominated by Wilbur White Jr., seconded by William Brandenburg.

G. Norman Crump, nominated by Francis Manner, seconded by H.C. Jefferson.

Former Mayor McDougall commended Mayor Jefferson and the Council for their efforts in behalf of the town, but with one exception, failure to press for a solution of the local dust problem. he expressed the view that many townspeople were too complacent. Pointing to the fact that less than 300 of the more than 1200 residents were registered to vote, he said that the town needed the support and active interest of more of it’s people.

The problem of dust escaping from a local soap stone mill evoked discussion by George Henze, Sykesville resident and property owner, and former Mayor Leroy Keeney, Russell Hughes urged patience in the matter and expressed belief that the problem would be resolved.

G. Norman Crump, who moved here from out of state, and purchased the former Herschel Reed house on Springfield Avenue, expressed a newcomer’s view of Sykesville . While it had it’s problems and needs cleaning up, Crump said, the town has potentials. He suggested more publicity and community interest in activities of the local government.

The town election will beheld Tuesday, May 6.

Following the citizens’ meeting, Mayor Jefferson meeting, Mayor Jefferson presided over the regular monthly meeting of the town council.

The Mayor appointed the following committee to prepare the town budget for fiscal 1969-70: Alvin L. Howes, Francis manner and William Brandenburg.

The council instructed the clerk to acknowledge receipt of communications from five families protesting a developer’s proposed widening of Davvis Road, near the Sykesville School.

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