Citizens Nominate Keeney for Mayor, Six Candidates for Council

April 18, 1957.

Leroy S. Keeney, president of the town council and a former mayor, emerged from the citizens’ meeting Tuesday night at the only candidate for Mayor of Sykesville in the approaching municipal election. He was placed in nomination by James O. Ridgely and seconded by James A. Stewart.

Mayor R. Earl Carter, who headed the local government since 1949, and whose years of service to the town were such as to inspire words of appreciation by some who vigorously opposed him in many instances, declined re-nomination.

In removing himself from the race, after Irvin E. Buckingham had placed his name in nomination, Mayor Carter said he felt the time had come for him to relinquish duties of the mayoralty, adding that a “change of blood” probably would be good for the town.

Millard H. Weer, ex-postmaster and former mayor of Sykesville, was nominated by Jerry Tucker. When Mr. Weer declined, a motion was carried to close the nominations for Mayor.

At the request of Mayor Carter, William Brandenburg served as chairman of the nominating session, with Jay T. Smith acting as secretary.

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