Classified Head Urges Blood Donors

March 8, 1945

Chairman of Sykesville Employees’ Group In Call For Blood Bank Support

The chairman of the Sykesville Chapter, Maryland Classified Employees’ Association this week called upon members of the association and local citizens generally to support “wholeheartedly” the American Red Cross Blood Bank which will be at Ellicott City on Wednesday, March 14, from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Volunteer blood donors in the Sykesville area who on past visits of the Blood Bank to this community have numbered from 200 to 300, are asked by the Red Cross to give their blood while the bank is at Ellicott City, since a mobile unit cannot be sent to Sykesville this Spring.

In a letter to the Herald, A. E. Mullennex, chairman of the Sykesville classified employees’ group, said:

“It was somewhat of a disappointment when we learned the mobile unit would not be in our midst this year as heretofore. However, transportation will be furnished to all those who wish to donate. And I think every able American should respond to this worthy cause, in acknowledgment of its magnificent service on our nation’s far-flung battle fronts and in recognition of the added need at this critical time to carry on its ever-extending aid to our wounded boys overseas.”

“While we at home enjoy the comforts of security and the luxuries of civilian life, we must not forget that boys are wounded and dying for us; boys who are making greater sacrifices than we should ever have had to call on them to make.”

“Our first duty is to those boys now lying wounded on the battlefields and in hospital beds. It is our duty as loyal citizens, as civilians who have been spared the suffering and pain of this war, to do what we can for them in this our of need. I cannot too strongly urge the fullest cooperation possible on the part of every member of our local chapter of the Maryland Classified Employees’ Association, as well as all other loyal citizens of our community, in assuring the success of the Red Cross in this drive for volunteer blood donors.”

“By action, and not by good resolution alone, can we attempt to repay the sacrifices our boys are making. Let’s do it!”

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