Colored Lad Loses Part of Hand

July 16, 1914

Looked For Business End of Dynamite Cap and Found It

Too much curiosity nearly cost “Buster” Duckett his life the other day. “Buster” is a lively colored lad lad from Philadelphia, who came to Sykesville not long ago to spend the summer with Richard Grimes, a relative. Mr. Grimes had been using dynamite for some purpose and several caps left on hand had been secreted on a timber, high up in the meat house. “Buster,” during his investigations on the place, finally found the caps and concluded that they had a business end and proposed to locate it. With another youngster he went behind the building and applied a match. The match finally found the business end of the cap, with the result that today “Buster” is minus the thumb and two fingers of the left hand. Part of another finger is also gone. The other boy was knocked down, but not seriously hurt. “Buster” in announcing the accident, said he wanted a doctor to come and “fix him some new fingers.” Dr. Sprecher dressed the injuries and is looking after the boy. Mr. Grimes felt very badly over the occurrence, but had used all the precaution he deemed necessary in secreting the caps.

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