Conscientious Objector Complains Of “Untrue Stories” Afloat Here

January 21, 1943


I am one of the conscientious objectors working at the hospital and am concerned over the lack of accurate information that has to do with our working hospital.

Since arriving here on September 7 I have heard an astonishing group of untrue stories about ourselves and have pondered over the problem of issuing honest information.

The most logical method is by the local newspaper which should be interested in clarifying misunderstanding and presenting unbiased information.

I don’t know what your attitude is towards us but I appeal to your sense of tolerance, understanding and good editorship. Any publicity need not in any way approve our position but there should be some presentation of our sincere convictions, our Civilian Public Service Camp set-up, our relationships with Selective Service and our presence at the hospital.

We are “Responsible” to Selective Service, through Dr. Jones, our Superintendent. It would be appreciated if I might see you personally to discuss this further.

Springfield State Hospital
January 16, 1943

(Ed. — Publication of this letter does not constitute an endorsement of the principles and beliefs of the Conscientious Objector. However, the columns of the Herald have always been open to both sides of an issue of public interest, and they most certainly will be on a question as important as this one. The editor will be pleased to discuss the matter with the correspondent, at a time to be agreed upon.)

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