County Gets Portrait Of Gov. Frank Brown

April 7, 1955

Baltimore Group Makes Presentation to Carroll Historical Society

A portrait of the late Governor Frank Brown, Sykesville, only Governor of Maryland from Carroll County, was presented to the Historical Society of Carroll County, at its March meeting, by the Carroll County Historical Society of Baltimore. A reproduction of the portrait appears on Page 8 of this week’s Herald.

An interesting series of events led to the gift of this portrait. When Mrs. Annette Richards of Baltimore read an article about the Historical Society of Carroll county, published last summer in the rotogravure section of the Baltimore Sun, she recalled a portrait of Carroll’s governor which she had discovered some time previous in an Antique Shop. She was able to identify the portrait, because as a child she had often visited her mother’s cousin who was companion to the Governor’s wife and raised their children. Knowing that the Brown family line had ended with the death of Frank the third in World War II, Mrs. Richards felt that the portrait should come back to the Governor’s home county. The Carroll County Society of Baltimore enthusiastically agreeing with her, purchased the portrait and invited  Mrs. Richards to be present for the unveiling.

Mrs. Harry Read of Baltimore, formerly Emma C. Myers of the Wakefield and Pleasant Valley, read a biographical sketch of Governor Brown. Tracing his ancestry in unbroken line from the royal house of France through the Le Bruns who went form that country to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Mrs Read followed the family line through settlement in Scotland where the name was changed to Browne, and concluded with their migration to Maryland in the seventeenth century.

Frank Brown was born August 8, 1845 on “Brown’s Inheritance”, a famous ancestral estate.

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