Defense Head Asks for Cooperation

January 8, 1942

By Rev. Karl B. Justus

Civilian Defense Director for Freedom District

I am calling upon every man, woman and child for complete and sacrificial co-operation in our local Civilian Defense effort. Since being appointed two days ago to the task of co-ordinating the CD for Freedom Election District, I have found endless amount of work and detail staring me in the face. Feeling, however, that this is a task that ought to engage all loyal Americans, I have immediately gone after this job, glad for a chance to be of service.

My staff has been appointed and I feel I have a group of worthy associates. Permit me to remind you all that the central staff cannot do this job without the help of the people. In other communities and counties they are way ahead of us. Scores and hundreds of men and women have volunteered for tasks.

Allow me to say in all kindness that there are too many people in our community who are taking the situation too lightly, and refusing to face the real fact that we are a nation at war. Some of us are fretting over giving up a bit of spare time. If spare time is all we are called upon to sacrifice we can consider ourselves most fortunate.

We need more auxiliary firemen, auxiliary policeman, nurses’ aides, air-wardens, general or emergency workers, and men who would be useful in repairing public utilities and communication lines.

An opportunity will be given to register at the high school tomorrow (Friday) night at the first class of instruction. Our class will be an important one, and must be carried right along in order that we may get our thirty hours of necessary training as rapidly as possible. We cannot be full-fledged and authorized workers until it is complete. Then we shall be able to wear the Civilian Defense Insignia. REMEMBER, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!

We shall try to have definite instructions in the paper next week as to what to do in case of an air raid or a blackout. A practice blackout will probably not be far away. In the meantime, I am asking , in keeping with regulations, that every home supply itself with two buckets of sand. Next week we shall tell you what to do with it, and will also set a date when there will be an inspection to see if this has been complied with. Get your sand NOW and see that it is thoroughly dried out once you have it.

The Civilian Defense office will be at the local fire house, and as quickly as I can get straightened out, I shall be there part of the time each day, except when impossible. We shall work all of these matters out as we go along and we need your help. If necessary we will form classes to get in men and women who cannot come on Tuesday and Friday night. Arrangements will be made also for a class in first aid instruction, aside from that one to be conducted by the school.

I want to say to the community that the co-operation from the Hospital through Dr. Jones has been the finest, and we are working together.

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