Desperate Fight Is Just Ahead

December 30, 1915

Baltimore Liquor Traffic In Its Last Line of Defenses In Maryland

They Will Be Shown No Quarter

The Liquor Forces Want Baltimore Left Out of the State-Wide Vote Proposition and Will Fight With All Their Power to Head Off the Plan–Let The Forces of Righteousness Beware of the Onslaught

Driven to its last line of defenses the liquor traffic of Baltimore is trying to play the baby act, hoping thereby to arouse the sympathy of the members of the next Maryland Legislature.

Hopelessly outgeneraled, outmaneuvered and licked to a fare-you-well, the traffic is now mustering its forces to make a last stand before the oncoming hosts of righteousness and decency in the State.

Is it fair for the Counties to bring business to Baltimore? Is it fair for the Counties to furnish the brain and brawn which is building Baltimore? Is it fair for Baltimore to take the best from the Counties in manhood and womenhood, business ability and intelligence to exploit them for its own advantage regardless of the effort which the liquor traffic in Baltimore City has upon the Counties? Is it fair for the liquor dealers of Baltimore City to flood with booze the fourteen dry Counties of the State to direct opposition to the expressed will of the people of the Counties? Is it fair for Baltimore City to manipulate the pawns in the political game so as to dominate the entire State regardless of the wishes of the citizenship of the various Counties? Is it fair for the liquor traffic of Baltimore City to debauch the manhood of the Counties and then start the cry of “unfairness” when the Counties rise up in the strength of their might and in the justice of their right and seek to destroy, once and for all, the agency which is robbing them of their money, defiling their homes and making murderers of their men?

Since when has Baltimore’s liquor traffic become so great that it undertakes to dominate the entire State of Maryland? Is the manhood of Maryland to be bought with a drink of whisky? Is the childhood of the State of no more value than a bottle of beer? Will a glass of wine meet with respectful consideration at the hands of Maryland’s Legislature while her women with bleeding hearts and streaming eyes beg for relief from the demon Rum, who has his lair in Baltimore City?

Maryland is a sovereign State. Nowhere in the history of temperance legislation in this country has a city in any State been enabled thus to dominate the temperance situation and we do not believe that Baltimore can do it. Because the liquor traffic is entrenched in this city; because the ring politicians of the city are lined up with the liquor traffic, and because the financial heart responds to the injection of liquor gold into the arteries of business, furnishes no intelligent reason why Baltimore should be exempted from the operation of the State-wide Prohibition bill; nor because of these things can any reasonable person demand a separate vote in Baltimore on this proposition.

We have information by grapevine telegraph that the word has been passed down the line by the liquor forces of Baltimore to its friends in and out of the Legislature that the fight before the next Legislature is to be made on the ground that it is “not fair” for the Counties to vote whisky out of Baltimore and, therefore, the whisky crowd is seeking a separate vote for Baltimore City. This scheme is the last dying gasp of the liquor traffic. That it will not succeed is practically certain. Nevertheless, a desperate fight will be made along this line by the enemies of righteousness, as there are some men who do not need much argument to induce them to believe that the liquor traffic is a vestal virgin. It’s up to the Christian temperance forces of the State to meet this attempt on the part of the enemies of the Church boldly and aggressively. Force the fight all along the line. Let no such plea as this intimidate you or cause you to lessen your ardor. The traffic is on the run. Let us keep it going until we have driven it from its last defense.

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