Dorseys Reunite On Labor Day

September 16, 1971

The old adage, “The family that plays together stays together,” was evident at the Edward M. Dorsey family reunion on Labor Day in Sykesville. This has been their special day for more than twenty years. It was held at the family home where 69 members attended.

Preparation had been made in advance to assure everyone that the time spent at home would be enjoyable. Togetherness was the key note of all planning.

The morning session opened with the president, Rosie Hutchinson, in charge, with the assistance of her vice-president Richard Dixon.

The devotion was concluded by Isabelle Dorsey, assisted by Louis Kane.

The head of the family, Edward M. Dorsey, gave a warm welcome and wished for everyone a very happy time.

The meeting was then turned over to the game Committee, chaired by Wesley Whiten with the help of his co-chairman, Samuel E. Jackson and their assistants, Rosie Hutchinson and Edna Jackson.

The yearly scavenger hunt started the group off for real team work. Clues for this activity had been hidden the previous day by Edna Jackson and John Greer.

The remaining of the morning was set up as tournaments. Games included in this activity were horse shoes, darts, ping pong, archery, lawn ball, lawn darts, and shooting gallery. Special championships in ping pong and horse shoes were won by Emerson Dorsey Sr. and Louis Kane.

After the strenuous activities, prizes were awarded the winners in the older group. Then the relaxing part of the program was in the family room where everyone gathered for the usual community sing under the direction of Louis Kane.

Following the singing, the group was summoned to prepare for dinner. Chester Dorsey, who for years has had charge of this activity, was ready for the hungry clan, assisted by the members of his committee. The menu consisted of “Dorsey” fried chicken, string beans, potato salad, cucumbers and tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob, iced tea and ice cream, all served buffet style.

The business meeting was held after dinner. Rosalie Jenkins was elected president; Mae Beard, vice-president; Warren Dorsey, secretary; Iva Wright, historian; Pat Whiten, treasurer. Committee reports were given and old and new business was discussed.

After the meeting the game committee gave direction for the remaining part of the day. The period called, “Do it Yourself” was enjoyed by everyone. Many folks continued their games from the morning schedule, others played cards or just sat and talked.

At 5 p.m. the weiner roast was called. The family gathered around the grill to participate in the closing activity of the day. Finally “Clean-up-time” was called and everyone helped and soon planning for the next year’s activity started.


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