Dr. Daniel B. Sprecher, Mayor of Sykesville

1910 – Democratic Advocate

To the careful student of the political economy there is no happier tendency than that of the strongest professional men lending their aid to civil government. It is a duty strong men owe their fellows and men are realizing it more today than ever before. The omnipotent ballot box is becoming a power for good with increasing potency as men exercise their highest privilege of a free people.

In Dr. Daniel B. Sprecher, Sykesville has a mayor who has won the esteem of his progressive town for the ability he has demonstrated as its chief executive. Dr. Sprecher is now serving his second term, for which he was elected unanimously, to the full satisfaction of the entire community.

Dr. Sprecher is a native of Jefferson, Frederick county, and is a son of the late Prof. David Sprecher who was prominent in educational work for many years. Prof. Sprecher was a native of Washington county, a graduate of Pennsylvania College, and for a number of years filled the chair of languages in Roanoke College, Virginia.

Afterwards he married Miss Virginia Boteler, of Maryland Tract, Frederick county, and taught a select and public school in Jefferson for many years.

This gave Dr. Sprecher educational advantages few students have enjoyed. He took a course in pedagogy at the Shippensburg Normal School preparatory to teaching.

After trying this work he found it not to his liking, so he chose medicine and matriculated in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore from which he was graduated in the class of 1881 with honors.

After graduation Dr. Sprecher chose Sykesville as the field for his professional labors, where he has rendered valuable services not only in his professional work but in nearly all of the enterprises for the civic, commercial and social upbuilding of his community.

Dr. Sprecher for many years advocated the primary election law practically as it was passed. This enables the voters to select candidates whom they can consistently support thus defeating objectionable methods that were in vogue so many years at nominating conventions.

Dr. Sprecher is a consistent Democrat and is emphatically opposed o the centralization of power and high tariff.

Dr. Sprecher is also interested in church work and takes an active part in the Springfield Presbyterian church where he ably fills the office of elder.

Dr. Sprecher has been a surgeon for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for twenty-two years, and is a member of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, the Carroll County Medical Association, and the American Medical Association.

Dr. Sprecher is Democratic to a degree and is one of the town people. His scholarly attainments are unobtrusive and he is doing valuable work in promoting Sykesille’s interest as its chief executive. His services to the community are highly appreciated by his fellow citizens and he has won a permanent place in their unstinted esteem.

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