Dress Code For South Carroll High School

August 21, 1969

South Carroll High School will begin the 1969-70 school year under the dress code which was in effect when school closed in June. The present dress code was put into effect on Maya 1, 1969 and was the result of almost a year of cooperative effort between the administration, staff, and student government of South Carroll high School.

In each case the code states clothing or hair must be clean and neat.

South Carroll students recognize the county philosophy that clothing should be appropriate and modest.

Specific provisions of the dress code follows:

1. Hair—Boy’s hair may not extend over the eyes, ears or shirt collar when he is standing straight.

2. Sideburns— Sideburns are the only departure from normal facial appearance. They may extend to the bottom of the earlobe, and may be one and one half inch in width.

3. Shoes— Boys must wear shoes and socks. No bottomless sandals are allowed. No hobnailed shoes, heel plates or anything destructive to the floors will be permitted.

4. Shirts— Shirt tails must be confined except for the square bottom and pullover styles. Striped and colored T-shirts are acceptable.

5. Dresses— Dress length shall not deviate extensively from what is considered current fashion. Bo-peep dresses and pant dresses are not allowed.

6. Ornaments— Beads chains and other ornaments are allowed as long as class room procedure is not interrupted.

7. Frayed Clothing— Frayed clothing does not conform to the category of neatness.

Machinery has been set up whereby the dress code will be reviewed periodically and updated as it is felt to be appropriate.

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