Dulany Says New Constitution Strengthens Carroll’s Position

March 7, 1968

Carroll County’s voice in the State Legislature should be strengthened considerably if the new Constitution is adopted, according to William B. Dulany, Delegate to the Constitutional Convention.

“The result of adoption of the new Constitutional provisions will result in a reduction of Baltimore City representatives from 43 to 29 in the House of Delegates, while Carroll County will retain the two Delegates it presently has, according to projected figures. Although the maximum size of the House will be 120 members under the new Constitution instead of the present 142, Carroll County’s Delegation will remain the same under projection with the present population figures, allowing for a maximum size Legislature.

“The State Senate will be reduced in size from 43 to a maximum of 40 members, and Carroll County will, under the new Constitution, have a much better chance  to elect a resident Senator.

“At the present time, Carroll County is in a Senatorial District which elects two Senators, comprised of both Frederick and Carroll Counties. Frederick County supplies more than 60% of the voters resulting in a much greater chance of Frederick County residents being elected as Senators.

“The new Constitution will require that Senatorial Districts be broken down so as to have each District represented by only one Senator. The State will be divided into a maximum of 40 Senatorial Districts with County Lines and Counties being preserved intact insofar as reasonably possible.

“The effect of the change in the provisions in regard to the State Senate will require that Carroll County be placed in a single Senatorial District to elect one Senator. On projecting the population figures and giving effect to the maximum proposed size of the State Senate in the new Constitution, Carroll County will provide 65% to 70% of the votes to elect a State Senator. With control of this percentage of the voting population, Carroll County will be able to choose, if it desires, a resident Carroll County Senator.

“The new Constitution, therefore, will give Carroll once again, an excellent chance to have a resident Senator. It will also reduce the size of the House of Delegates and of Baltimore City’s representation there while at the same time retaining two representatives for Carroll County. The voice of our County in the State Legislature under the new Constitution will, therefore, be a stronger one than that in the old Constitution.”

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