E. M. Mellor Urged for Hospital Board

February 12, 1914

Governor Will Probably Name Republican to Succeed Former Senator Beasman


Would Be Excellent Appointment


One of the important places to be filled by Governor Goldsborough in the near future is a vacancy on the Board of Managers of the Springfield State Hospital — that is, the term of Former Senator Beasman expires, and it is taken for granted that the Governor will name a Republican for the place.

It is important that a resident member should be appointed to the place for many reasons. The Herald is not in the confidence of the Governor and does not know whether had has given the matter attention, but it does know that the people of Sykesville have been thinking over the matter and that one name suggested has brought forth much favorable comment.

The name brought forward is E. M. Mellor, head of the  firm of E. M. Mellor & Sons of the well-known Department Store in this place. His name has been presented to Governor Goldsborough and he has agreed to serve on the board if appointed. The term is for four years. The place is purely honorary.

It would seem that if long business experience, integrity and sound judgment are to count in the qualifications, the Governor need  not look further. Mr. Mellor is too well known in Carroll county and in this section of Maryland to need eulogy here.

He has been in business in Sykesville for thirty-seven years, is a man of unblemished character and stands among the foremost in the community. He is familiar with the needs of the State Hospital, is so situated that he can devote his time to the duties of the place and to these duties he would bring a ripe judgment and experience. In fact, he would appear to be particularly well equipped for the responsibilities of such a place and the State would be fortunate in securing is services. His appointment would retain a resident member on teh board of this important institution and would seem to be in all ways highly desirable.

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