E.W. Shauck Named To Sanitary Board

June 27, 1968

Edwin W. Shauck, Westminster, has been appointed to the Carroll County Sanitary Commission by the Board of County Commissioners.

He replaces Robert H. Renshaw, New Windsor, a member of the board since it was formed in 1955. Upon the recent expiration of his term, Mr. Renshaw asked that he not be reappointed due to business and personal reasons.

Robert M. McKinney, president of the County Commissioners, who served with Mr. Renshaw and the late Robert Greenshields on the original three – member sanitary commission, praised the New Windsor man for his “valuable service to the county.”

In addition to Mr. Shauck, the current five-member sanitary commission includes Walter L. Weller, Jr., Walter V. Bennett, George Hardesty and W. W. Wright.

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