Early Marylanders Honored At Valley Forge

February 22, 1968

February has been designated as American history month; a time for all Americans to evaluate and appreciate their heritage, and to consider how we can best preserve our hard won freedoms for those who will follow.

Some Americans do this all year long at Freedom Foundation in Valley Forge, Pa.

Freedom Foundation was founded in 1949 to undergird our constitutional Republic and combat the increasing threat of Socialistic Communism to the American way of life. Dwight D. Eisenhower is honorary chairman.

Nonprofit, nonsectarian nonpartisan and nonpolitical, the Foundation’s sole purpose is to encourage all Americans to understand and defend the rights, freedoms and responsibilities they enjoy as Americans under our constitutional democratic form of government.

To do this they distribute many thousands of reprints of award winning materials, distribute films dramatizing historic episodes, give lectures, provide voting reminders, arrange tours to Valley Forge, and give teachers aid in instructing the free enterprise system.

At the headquarters in Valley Forge is a small, semicircular area called Independence Garden which holds among its grass plots, flower beds and trees a priceless collection of bricks, door sills and stones that is unique and filled with history. These flagstones and sections of brickwork are true foundation stones, for they come from the homes of the men who were pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor as they took quill pen in hand and signed the Declaration of Independence. These are the bricks and stones they tred and touched, the physical relics of the homes they were pledged to sacrifice in the hope of gaining Liberty.

Each of the 56 signers is represented. In the western segment of the semi-circular garden  are a flagstone, two red tiles set in mortar and two irregularly shaped stones. These are from the Maryland homes of Charles Carroll, Samuel Chase, William Paca and Thomas Stone.

During the past 19 years Freedoms Foundation has proven itself to be a very effective means of rededicating our youth to pride and understanding the American Heritage and in stimulating adults to reaffirm and perpetuate their beliefs in the American way of life.

J. Edgar Hoover said: “The Nation can be thankful for Freedoms Foundation which stands as a sentinel, as did our revolutionary ‘Freedom Fighters’ her at Valley Forge.”

During American history month we might do well to remember with gratitude the men whose stones are memorialized in Valley Forge, on the slopes which knew the tread of shoesless feet, and the earth where the tired, ragged, cold and hungry Continental soldiers rested in crude huts.

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