Editorial: If You Live In Sykesville, Vote On Tuesday!

May 3, 1945

Under democratic procedure, which with all its weaknesses is by far the best system in the world, a community can have no better government than the persons it nominates and elects to public office.

This being so, it behooves all citizens of Sykesville (those who have lived within the corporate limits of the town for the past six months) to exercise their right of franchise in the town election on Tuesday, May 8, from 2 to 6 p.m.

There are two candidates for the office of Mayor and eight for three places on the town council. As between the several candidates, The Herald does not undertake to suggest to its readers which of their neighbors they should vote for and which they should not. With but one notable exception, we make no recommendation.

That exception is Miss Margaret Harris for Council. Had she been in a little better health, this newspaper would have endorsed her unqualifiedly for the No. 1 position of Mayor. Her presence in the Council, we believe, would prove a very progressive and stabilizing influence on that body. And, lest there be any doubt in the minds of local voters, let it be stated here that she is very much interested in the affairs of her town and would welcome election to the Council. Friends of “Miss Margaret” will do well to accord her the honor of being the first woman elected to a position in the local government. They should do this by a thumping majority.

In a small rural community such as Sykesville personal friendships, rather than any great superiority in ability or qualifications, largely determine the result of a local election. How else, for instance, in the many-sided contest for the Council, is one to choose between such men as Earl Carter and Wilbur Wimmer, or Frank Greenwood and Robert Allport? The important thing is that a large number of the town’s citizens take sufficient interest in their community to go to the polling place and vote for the candidates they prefer. This, then, is the overall suggestion of the Herald to Sykesville voters. And, may the best candidates win!

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