Eldersburg Man Revives Boy, 3, In Baltimore Fire

February 29, 1968

Melvin Rosewag, 32, of Eldersburg, an 11-year veteran of the Baltimore fire department, breathed life into a 3-year-old boy on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

One of the first firemen to enter the blazing, smoke-filled building in the 1890 block of Barkley St., he was drawn to the inert form of the lad by the pleas of the child’s severely burned grandmother, 48-year-old Mrs. Mary Arnette, and his 23-year-old mother, Mary Arnette. Rosewag, father of two sons, 8 and 5 years old, immediately began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

While smoke billowed around him and his collegues battled the searing flames one floor beneath him, he continued the laborious life saving technique for 10 minutes until Clarence began to respond, first with whimpers, then with lusty yells. Clarence was then rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital for treatment and later released.

His grandmother is in the same hospital with extensive burns over 75 percent of her body. His mother is in ‘good’ condition at Maryland General Hospital with burns on 10 percent of her body.

According to the firemen, the fire began when a foreign made motorbike with the motor running, tipped over in the basement of the 3-story dwelling. The grandmother awoke in her basement apartment, and rushed through the flames to alert Clarence and his mother on the first floor.

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