Electricity On The Farm

February 15, 1917

Electrical equipment is one of the latest modern conveniences to be adapted to farm use, and, as usual, the farmers of Carroll County are among the first to put it in effect. Many farms now have their own electric lighting plants, for house and barns, and for low power appliances.

The Pennsylvania Farmer — one of the best farm papers in the country by the way — recently called attention to the rapid extension of electricity to the farm. It points out that today many farm houses have just as convenient and better water supply systems than are enjoyed by city people. These have been supplied by pumping engines chiefly. It was the lighting and lower power appliances that add so much to the comfort and convenience of city homes that seemed a long way off.

But now these have yielded to the genius of modern invention. One manufacturer of electric lighting outfits reports the sale of several thousand plants for farm use last year, with the expectation of selling five or six times as many more this year. In addition, many manufacturers of electric light fixtures and appliances and manufacturers of farm equipment using low power are preparing to meet the demand that is certain to come from farms as the application of electric power is further developed and put into use.

Many cherished memories cluster around the old reading lamp that drew all members of the family together to utilize its rather feeble  rays, but mother, who daily cleaned the chimnies, trimmed the smudgy wicks and replenished the supply of oil, will not be sorry to exchange the lamp for the modern electrical light. Neither will she permit a sentimental regard for the old order of things to stand in the way of the electric irons, the electric sweepers and the many other electrical appliances that are certain to follow.

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