Equality of Sacrifice

June 20, 1918

The New York Times recently said editorially: “No man or woman who has acquired a Liberty Bond is relieved from the duty of buying War Savings Stamps. To leave the Stamps plan of lending money to the Government to those of narrow means and to the yhoung people is to be careless of the cause of America and her allies.

“Does the average man or woman who earns a substantial salary or good wages have any idea of the sacrifices made by the small investors in War Savings Stamps to do their bit in the war? It is often a story of silent heroism. If those in fairly easy circumstances emulated the very poor whose souls are filled with unyielding resolution to do their share to win the war, what a boom there would be in the Government’s receipts from sales of War Savings Stamps.”

Now is the time for everyone, no matter what his station in life may be, to make as great a sacrifice for his Government and for humanity as is made by the most humble of our citizens. Everyone on or before June 28 should pledge himself to save to the utmost of his ability and to buy War Savings Stamps with his savings. There should be an equality of sacrifice.

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