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January 25, 1945

Interesting Information On Carroll County System Given In Report

“Do you know–

“That the total cost for eleven years of schooling for child is approximately $500, or $70 per year, in Carroll county?
“That Carroll county is fortunate in having no bonded indebtedness for costs of school construction, being one of only four counties in Maryland in this condition?

“That the Governor of Maryland has proposed for the Maryland counties a twelve-year school system? Maryland is one of three states still operating an eleven-year school system.

“That the Board of Education has been sponsoring a number of farm machinery repair centers? In operation at present are centers in Westminster, Mayberry, Taneytown, New Windsor and Union Bridge.”

These are some of the interesting and illuminating questions pertaining to Carroll County’s public school system that ahre asked in the annual report of the Board of Education for the school year ended June 30, 1944. Under the general heading, “Do You Know,” the quiz continues:

Do You Know?

That of the total cost of education in Carroll county, the state of Maryland contributes over fifty per cent?
That the average cost for one day of schooling in Carroll county for 1943-1944 was forty-eight cents, or the price of one “movie?”

That evening schools for out-of-school youth have been in operation in Carroll county for a number of years? Classes in shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, mathematics, English and Spanish are some of the subjects offered.

That home teaching is available for physically handicapped children of school age? Parents should get in touch with the Board of Education if you have a physically handicapped child between the ages of six and sixteen.

That twenty-six of our schools in 1943-44 were enrolled in the Junior Red Cross? The students made numerous articles for veterans’ hospitals and USO centers.

That 333 pre-school children were  in our summer round-up and of this number 66 percent had been immunized against diphtheria? These pre-school examinations are very important and it is hoped that all children expecting to enter school in September have this pre-school examination.

That instruction in instrumental music is offered in all of our high schools? Last year we had 150 pupils receiving lessons on the violin, clarinet, trumpet, and other instruments. See your high school principal if you are interested in this type of musical education for your child.

Teachers Cited For Loyalty

That Carroll county has been most fortunate during these critical days including a large proportion of our experienced teachers? These teachers are to be commended for their loyalty; the children of Carroll county and parents should be grateful for this fact.

That in the school year ended June, Carroll county transported a total 1337 pupils to school on school buses and that this transportation was produced for the entire school year at an average cost of less than $22.00 per pupil?

That Governor O’Conor has recommended free tuition for students entering our State Teachers’ Colleges? We need more students in training for teachers.

That smaller classes have been proposed for the elementary school and if proved will mean that each teacher will be able to give more individual attention to your child?

That hot lunches at a minimum cost are available in all schools of Carroll county except one-and two-teacher schools?

That the school children  to the amount of o-f Carroll county purchased or sold stamps and bonds during 1943-44 to the amount of 1,219.35?

That 2013 parents visited the schools and 468 teachers visited the homes of pupils during 1943-44? Parents are cordially invited to visit the schools.


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