Farm Safety Film Available From State

June 20, 1968

Some hazards which frequently endanger the farm’s most important “crop” — human lives — are illustrated in “Miracle in Paradise Valley,” a 35-minute film available for loan from the State Health Department.

Farm owners, their families and farm workers often suffer serious injuries or death through their failure to take simple precautions in regard to seemingly “little things.”

A ghostly visitor to one farm presents a grim glance into the possible future: a robust and fearless war veteran is felled by a rusty nail; Al, always in a hurry, turns off his farm onto a busy highway without stopping and pays not with a fine but with his life; a housewife tries to start a stove with kerosene and dies in the blaze; and a young farmer risks death by careless handling of farm machinery.

Shocked into action by these “forecasts,” one young farm owner urges his friends and neighbors to embark on a safety campaign to prevent deaths and crippling injuries in their farm community.

Among the “little things” which whey warn against are objects left on stairs, unrepaired porch steps, weak rungs on ladders, farm tools left where someone can fall over them, careless handling of farm implements and machinery, and reckless driving on or off the farm.

Suggested for general audiences from junior high school through adult level, the film is especially appropriate for any community organization interested in the promotion of farm safety information.

It may be borrowed without charge in Maryland from the Film Services, Maryland State Department of Health, 301 West Preston Street, Baltimore. Time should be allowed to preview and to arrange for a discussion leader.

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