Farmers Lose Heavily By Fire

March 19, 1914

Thirty-three head of fine cattle and six horses were burned Saturday morning in the fire which destroyed the large barn of Henry E. Englar, near Medford, Carroll county.  The fire,which started in the stable, was discovered by the son of Mr. Englar. He immediately gave the alarm, but the flames had gained too much headway to be extinguished. It is not known how it originated. Besides the 33 head of cattle and 6 horses which were burned, Mr. Englar’s machinery, buggies, carts, carriages, two sleighs, gasoline engine, hay, fodder and straw were destroyed. Only two horses and six colts were rescued from the flames. A small part of the loss is covered by insurance in the Dog Hill Company of Manchester.

Fire of an unknown source destroyed the barn and corn house of Clay Gaither, near Highland, Howard county, Friday night, causing a loss of nearly $5,000, partly covered by insurance. Several horses, harnesses, ten tons of hay, straw, fodder and 60 barrels of corn were consumed.

Mrs. Gaither, who remained up after her husband and children had retired, saw flames coming from an upper window in the barn. She aroused her husband and neighbors were notified by telephone. They quickly responded, but the great headway given the flames could not be overcome and the building was a mass of ruins in a few minutes.

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