Farmers Still Have Wheat

January 18, 1917

If You Do Not Believe It Just Wait Until the Market Reaches $2.00 or More

That there is a lot of wheat held by the farmers of this section of the County and many in Howard is no idle dream, and if you don’t believe it, just watch the teams that come to town loaded when the price hovers around the $2.00 mark. During the past week the number of teams hauling wheat was surprising, several days the number being so great that it was necessary for many of the drivers to wait three and four hours before they were able to unload. The highest price paid was $1.90.

Many farmers have not even threshed and their wheat crop still remains in their barns as it was brought in from the fields. They do not seem to be in any rush to dispose of their crops, feeling confident enough that wheat will eventually bring $2.00.

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