Finds Original Deed for Old Church Property Here

May 3, 1934

Old Book and Paper Fancied Rector Rediscovers Holy Trinity, Eldersburg, Document Dated March 8, 1771

The original deed for the land on which Holy Trinity, Eldersburg, is built, dated March 8, 1771, has been rediscovered in an old Vestry Record book by the Rev. E. Kenneth Albaugh, Rector of the parish. The deed by which John Welsh, “gentleman,” conveyed the land to Abel Brown, Robert Tivis, Edward Dorsey, and John Elder, “planters,” was no doubt pasted on one of the first pages of the Vestry Record, where it was “found,” about 1843, the date the book was begun.

It was in this year that the old Church, having fallen into disuse and ruin once before in its career, was built and reconsecrated. At present the old deed is in Baltimore where it is being properly treated for preservation for future generations.

At the same time the Rev. Mr. Albaugh is on the look out for other documents illustrative of the history of the parish. To use his own words, he has “a yen for old documents and books anyway.”

Already he has received from Miss Kate McDonald information from old letters regarding James Sykes and his relation to St. Barnabas’ Chapel, which was erected on land he donated in 1850. Mr. James Grimes has in his possession a picture of the Rev. Dr. Piggott, one of the Rectors of Holy Trinity during the last part of the nineteenth century, while Miss Ellen Bennett owns one of the three known copies of the only history of the parish ever written, the other two being in the possession of the Diocesan Library and Maryland Historical Society.

The history was written by the Rev. J. J. Purcell in 1892, while he was Rector of the Parish. This eight page pamphlet is deficient in many places, especially regarding the founding of St. Barnabas Chapel, for the simple reason that Dr. Purcell had very little authoritative information at his disposal.

The little he had, to which practically nothing has been added, he used well. “If, and underscore that if,” says the Rev. Mr. Albaugh, “I can discover the necessary evidence to fill in the gaps in Dr. Purcell’s work, I may attempt to supplement his history.”

This is the particular end toward which the Rev. Mr. Albaugh is looking in his efforts to uncover the authoritative information dealing with the history of Holy Trinity.

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