Fine Tribute To Senator Warfield

August 1, 1935

New York Hospital Superintendent Praises His Achievements

A fine tribute to the late Wade H. D. Warfield was paid by Captain Harry H. Warfield (distant relative), superintendent of St. John’s Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, N. Y., in a letter this week in the manager of the Herald. We publish, with pleasure, the excellent writing:

Dear Mr. Church:

Ir read some weeks ago of the illness of Senator Wade H. D. Warfield and items in later edition speaking of his improvement, but when the “Herald” of Thursday, July 25, arrived, I read with great sorrow of his death. Having known him from early boyhood, when I lived in Glenwood, Howard county, and later having been closely associated with him during my seven-year connection with Springfield State Hospital, before leaving there for the University of Maryland in Baltimore, about the spring of 1910, I can fully appreciate the story of his successful business career so well written in your valuable paper, which I have learned to look forward to with great interest.

Senator Warfield was one of the finest personalities I have ever known and possessed a most unusual amount of energy, always seeming tireless in his efforts for the good of the community in general, without ever any evidence of selfish motives. It is seldom such can be said about any man, and I am glad, indeed, to know the people of Sykesville, and Carroll County in general, appreciate his wonderful achievements. It seems unfortunate we do not have more men of his type  and energy at present, as I am sure many of our ills could be overcome more rapidly.

I hardly know his daughters personally, remembering them only as little girls, but please be kind enough to convey to them, and his friends, my heartfelt sympathy. His great work will long be remembered and should be as inspiration to the young men of Sykesville and elsewhere.

Sincerely yours,

Harry H. Warfield

Yonkers, N. Y., July 29, 1935.

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