Fire Destroys House, Family Is Hard Hit

December 16, 1943

A colored family was hard-hit by a fire which destroyed their home and practically all of their clothes and belongings early Tuesday.

Four children, under school age, in bed at the time, were forced out into the bitter cold without shoes or stockings and were cared for by neighbors.

The father, James Fegan, who works for Raymond Cutsail, was not at home at the time. The house, located near Marriottsville, and owned by Frank Thomas, was beyond saving when Sykesville firemen arrived around 8:30 A.M. A bad chimney or over-heated stove was thought responsible for the blaze.

Persons who would help the unfortunate family with contributions of clothing, household goods, etc., should get in touch with Mr. Cutsail at Eldersburg.

Later in the day, at 6 P.M., Sykesville firemen were again called out into the sub-zero weather in answer to an alarm from the home of Miss Matilda Shipley, Winfield. Fire attributed to a bad flue, damaged a floor and partition.

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