Fire Protection for Sykesville – Mayor Swain Agitating a Proposition to Provide It

September 16, 1920

Auto Fire Truck Needed

Fire Insurance Rates Here Have Become Almost Prohibitive and the Town Is Now Absolutely Helpless; Let’s Do Something

Some years ago the Herald endeavored to interest the business men of Sykesville to provide some sort of adequate fire protection for the town. It succeeded to the extent that a fire company was organized and duly offered. For a time the company held regular meetings, was quite well-drilled, and was uniformed.

It did good service at a couple of small fires and saved adjoining buildings with such apparatus as the town owned. But interest lagged and the organization is now no more.

The chief reason for this is, we think, is that the substantial businessmen of the town, who should have been most interested, gave the matter little attention after the company was organized. Its membership was made up of young men of the community.

Without the encouragement of the more mature citizenship and its wise councils, the organization went to pieces. As a matter of fact, every businessman and substantial citizen should have been a member of the company and the organization should have been placed on a substantial footing.

For the past few years the town has been absolutely without protection of any kind. It is true the town owns an antiquated piece of apparatus, badly cared for and too heavy for quick service. It is a dead asset.

As a result fire insurance rates have been advanced here until they are now almost prohibitive. The town will learn a severe lesson one day unless something is done to remedy conditions.

Of late, the Herald is pleased to note that some businessmen have been interesting themselves in the situation. Mayor Robert L. Swain is one of these and he is advocating…

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