Food Stamps Available

June 29, 1972

An emergency issuance of Food Stamps to flood victims in Sykesville and Howard County has been authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. According to the USDA’s Northeast Regional food and nutrition food service office in New York City, applications from Sykesville residents are being accepted by the Maryland Department of Social Services at 95 Carroll Street in Westminster.

The telephone number is 876-2190. Howard County residents can apply at 3716 Court Place in Ellicott City, telephone HO5-5000 extension 376. In order to qualify a household must meet three requirements:
1) The household must be located in the disaster area;
2) The household must have cooking facilities; and
3) The household must have suffered reduction in, or inaccessibility of income or cash resources as a result of the disaster.
4) Eligible persons will receive a one-half month’s allotment of Food Stamps at no cost. For example, a four-member household would receive $54.

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