Freedom Jaycees Vote To Send Henryton Patient To Special Olympics

June 22, 1972

Tuesday night at 7:30 p. m. the Freedom Jaycees held their monthly membership meeting at the Eldersburg Improvement Association. There were about 45 in attendance.

There was a visitation team from the Westminster Jaycees. Among them were Bruce Fallenstone. Past President and xxx the new President for the coming seat.

The guest speaker was Joe Holman of Henryton Hospital who is the Director of Reservoir xxx and also the Track Coach. He requested that the Freedom Jaycees support a Patient from the hospital, Harry Fully, who has been working with him in back and xxx the idea of sending him to the Special Olympics in California. The Freedom Jaycees and the Westminster Jaycees have supported this project in the past. A unanimous vote was cast by the membership to support the project.

Bill Mouser was awarded the Jaycee of the Quarter for his work on the Project Built A School in Brazil. Bill collected the five hundred dollars on his own. He was the District Speak Up who represented the chapter at the State Convention in Ocean City in may and also was in several other Committees. This year representing the Freedom Jaycees on the State level will be Marly xxx as District Vice President, Forest Gray as National Director and Tom Bowen as Administrative Assistant to the Maryland President, Ken reed. This is an appointed job and the D. V. P. and N. D. are Elected Jobs.

Another guest was Gold Surrett, Past President at the Keystone Rotary Club in Keystone, West Virginia.

The Jaycees request that anyone having surveys please return them and anyone who would like to fill out one can pick up one at their local merchants.

This time of the year is a good time to fly your Flags. The Jaycees have plenty available. See any Jaycee or call John Conroy 795-2839 or Chuck Sheridan 635-3101. They have the kit for putting them on the side of the house or the ones that go in the ground.

Anyone interested in joining the Freedom Jaycees or would like more information please call Chuck Sheridan 635-3101 or Al Vaughn 795-6874.

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