Freedom School Class Donates To Farm Museum Engine Fund

May 2, 1968

Doing its bit to aid a county project, the third grade class of the Freedom District School has contributed $9.72 to the Carroll County Farm Museum. The donation is to be used in the purchase of the Taylor steam engine for which a $5,000 drive is underway.

In receiving the donation form the students of Mrs. Midge Etzler, Scott S. Bair, Sr., and Randall G. Sperlein, co-chairman of the special drive, stated: “These children are contributing to a cause for which Carroll Countians should be proud.” The nearly 100-year-old steam engine is owned by Jesse S. Byers of Littlestown, Pa., and is on option to the Farm Museum along with a hominy mill and shingle mill.

Co-chairman Bair and Spoerlein said that many donations, large and small, are being received. They noted that the goal is far from being reached, but added “with the usual good Carroll County support we are confident that the May 15 drive deadline will see the Taylor Steam Engine back in Carroll County where it was manufactured.”

The twenty-six business man committee spearheading the drive are asking that donations be mailed to the Carroll County Farm Museum, Box 255, Westminster 21157.

Members of the Freedom District third grade class contributing the $9.72 last week were: Janet Collier, John Rosewag, Mark McThena, Donna Seward, Tami Zissimos, Vicky Farver, Susan Paul, Pamela Roseben, Thonda Raum, Charles Green, Rachel Mercer, Bessie Beall, Michelle Cutsail, Ernest Steiner, Hubert Mason, Timmy Aldridge, Cynthia Hilker, Linda Mathis, Loretta Ferguson, Lorena Patrick, Gordon Persinger, Michelle Dotson, Michael, Lewis, Susan Freeman, Sandy Dell, Craig Spiggs, Roxanne Yeager, Glenn Stewart, Juanita Thrift, Richard Loatherwood, Bruce Carison, Daisy McCoy, Donald Childers, Debbie Seal, Karen Schumacher.

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